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We are not just only an educational consultant but a guidance counselor guiding our students all the way throughout their college admission journey till they are granted a student visa.

SAT Classes

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

GRE Classes

Standardized Test to apply for Post Graduations

GMAT Classes

Standardized Test to apply for PG in Management

Pre SAT Classes

To get students of Grade 12 ready for SAT.


An English Language Test Preparation classes.

Career Counseling

To help students figure out their promising career path.

Personal Essay/ SOP Assessment

To help students craft and rectify their personal essays or SOPs.

Study Abroad Consultation

We consult students about their abroad study choice for US, Australia, Canada, & UK.

Mock Tests/ Interviews

We conduct simulated mock tests and interviews for visa interview and real tests.

Who are we?

About Us

We are a group of passionate Gen-Z educators who want to create a positive impact on the career journey of a students who are aspiring to pursue their college abroad. United States is one of the top leader in providing appealing scholarship to international students which is our primary goal to get our students admitted. With a team of experienced educators who have had the demonstrated experience of winning scholarships in reputed US universities, we are primarily focused on imparting education to students to not only prepare for certain exams but for improving their aptitude to excel in college abroad. 
Beyond anything, we are the personal career counselor of our students which they will not find anywhere. 

#We are Zoomers 
#By Zoomers, For Zoomers!

12 Reasons Why!

Why be a Zoomer?

Choosing Zoomers Classes for your test preparation will surely change the trajectory of your career path. We are your guidance counselor.

Well-Versed Tutors

Our tutors are well versed with the curriculum of SAT. They are well equipped with every resources to students excel in their tests. 

Curriculum Square One

Our every curriculum starts from  very basic. Students with any conceptual level of knowledge can crack any tests whether SAT or IELTS/ TOEFL/PTE.

1400+ New Words

Vocabularies is the most important elements to score high in SAT. We have curated innovative ways to assimilate vocabularies. 

400+ New English Idioms

Students shall learn 400+ New English Idioms to bolster their Knowledge in English. 

Scholarships Opportunities

There are various merit-based and need-based scholarships to cater to every students. 

Rewards in Mock Tests

High achievers will be awarded with numerous rewards in every mock tests. 

Personal Essay Assessment

Personal Essay is the most important factors in the admission decision. We guide our students to draft their much needed personal essay. 

Internships Opportunities

US Education System values genuine co-curricular engagements outside the class. We will help students find such opportunities as per their interests. 

Rewards for Real Test

The fees paid by the students at the beginning of the course shall be reimbursed as per the scores in Real Tests. 

Career Choice Mentorship

We want to see our every students becoming a knowledge workers in 10 years down the lane. So, we help them find the major of their interest. 

College Selection Assistance

Students shall learn 400+ New English Idioms to bolster their Knowledge in English. 

Documentation Assistance

Sometimes college may ask for hefty documents which intimidate students. With Zoomers as a guidance counselor; take no worries!

Your USA Application Timeline!

Applying to US is a long journey; students often find it intimidating and tantalizing sometimes. But don’t worry, Zoomers Education is here to guide in each steps of your process!

Zoomers Comprehensive College Admission Counseling Service believes that every student is unique and deserves personalized admission counseling. That’s why our process starts with a thorough evaluation of the student’s credentials and goals. Here’s a phase-by-phase breakdown of our counseling service. 


SAT Preparation Begin


In this initial phase, we meet with the student and their parents to discuss the student’s credentials and goals. This helps us get to know the student and ensure that our services are a good fit for their needs. Students should have joined the SAT and IELTS Classes!


One–on–One Counseling


While the classes are still ongoing for the test preparation, we sit with each student to hear their part of their stories, and their aspirations in life so that we can counsel them with the better options that will shape their career in an unapologetic manner.




By this time, each student has gone through personal counseling and probably decided on their major subject. Now the only most challenging thing left is appearing in tests. There are two SAT dates in October and December.


Student’s Evaluation

October - November

.Now the students have result of +2, SAT, and IELTS/ TOEFL. We gather data about the overall performance of a student and evaluate each of them on the basis of their overall components– from academics to extra-curricular– to tailor their application in a best possible manner. 


Personal Essays/ Documentation


The Students should complete integral parts of the college application–Personal Essays, Recommendation Letters, Additional Application Questions as per Colleges, Common Application Setup, Portfolio of any accolade, talent, research papers, CV, or anything pertinent. 


Application Submission

November - Mid January

The student can send their application to 20 colleges from the Common App. The students after submitting an application should wait for any response from the admission officer. Sometimes the decision comes directly; sometimes the college request further information before it gives any decision.


Application Decisions


The decisions come from the admission offices of respective colleges–Rejections, Waitlisting, Conditional Acceptance. Some offers come in email and some via mail. Whatever the decisions, students may as well put their terms with any of the admission officers of any college they have been accepted to. 


Visa Interview


The confirmed college  sends a letter called an i20 by which the student should apply for the visa application. To tackle the competitive US Visa Interview, we conduct mock visa interviews to build up the confidence of our students and get them ready for the big day ahead. 


USA Departure Orientation


At this time the student is living the best time of his/her life so far. Visa has been granted, the ticket has been booked and you are counting the days back to your flight date. We will orient you regarding all the aspects of your stay and study in the United States of America.



July - August

This is the day that a student has been longing for so long. The higher education journey starts from the very beginning, all the way from square one, once again.

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