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What is Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)?

About SAT

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is a standardized test taken by the College Board in USA to measure the aptitude of high school students from all over the world by the same question paper. It is widely used by colleges in the United States during the admission process. The SAT is believed to measure the learning ability of students during their entire college education journey. It consists of the English and Maths sections. Each section is scored in the range of 200-800; the full score range of the SAT is 400-1600. The majority of the questions in SAT are multiple choice questions and it doesn’t entail any negative scoring. 

Who takes SAT?

The SAT test is administered by the College Board, an American nonprofit organization that was formed in December 1899 as the College Entrance Examination Board to expand access to higher education. Every year, about 3 million students are said to attend SAT tests worldwide which is an indication of the fascination of young students with a college education in the United States. 

The SAT is designed to assess how well you’ve mastered some of the skills important to success in college and beyond. It does not test specific subject knowledge, but rather the broader skills of analytical reading, analytical writing, and mathematical problem-solving.



SAT Score is one of the main components of consideration by admission officers while they make their decision. A good SAT Score can even supersede your high school academics; since high school, academic exams are not standardized and there are a lot of dynamics connected with its scoring. Doing well in SAT not only provides you an edge while applying for college but also plays an instrumental role in shaping your entire life since it teaches the way of assimilating knowledge and thinking critically. 

The SAT is generally assumed as a tougher course than those language classes like IELTS and TOEFL. However, with hard work, sheer will, acute determination, and being guided by tutors like Zoomers Education, it is easier to score higher on SAT. Higher the SAT Score, the higher the opportunity for scholarships, and subsequently, the higher the chance of a USA Visa.


About new digital sat?

The new digital SAT tests Reading Tests and Writing and Language Tests (used to test in different sections) in a combined section called Reading Test. It will consist of two modules each comprising 27 questions allowing 32 minutes for each module. Each question shall be based on the excerpts of the essays on topics on US/ World Literature, Social Science, History, and Natural Science. The question excerpt shall not be lengthier than 150 words.

Similarly, the significant change in the Math section is the allowance of an inbuilt calculator throughout the section. This means the questions shall not be divided on the basis of allowing a calculator. This section shall also comprise two modules, each containing 22 questions allowing 35 minutes for each section.

what is new digital adaptive SAT?

Remember the new digital SAT is adaptive which means the difficulty of the questions in the second module of each section ( Math and Reading/Writing) shall be determined by the software on the basis of the student’s capability demonstrated by the answers in the first module. Adaptive test method have been well tested among students on standardized exams like GRE and GMAT but this is the very first time that College Board is using this method for SATs.

The College Board has announced that international paper SAT shall be replaced by Digital SAT from spring of 2023 while in US, it shall not come into effect till early 2024.

Learn More about the previous paper-based edition and the new digital edition of SATs here!


About studying sat at zoomers!

Zoomers SAT classes, unlike other preparation centers in the town, shall be a very rigorous preparation lasting for months. We have been working with students for past several years and have known that they do not do particularly well in the existing ways of teaching. That’s why we’ve come up with the lengthier version of SAT preparation that will span 120-130 Days ( about 4 months).
In this time period, students will be preparing for their language proficiency exam as well (IELTS or TOEFL). Since we have never been accustomed to being taught like US based Education System,  most of the students find it very difficult to acclimatize and be intimidated by the course structure of SAT, particularly English.
Therefore, we will begin the course in a rather subtler way. We will take off the course starting from the very beginning; starting all the way from orientation to the English Language. In this way, students shall build up their conceptual knowledge in English and Maths which will strengthen their confidence to tackle SAT. Here’s the lesson plan for a Zoomer: 

When will zoomers classes start?

April 15- September 15 : Students who does not have very good foundational knowledge in English and Maths should start from April 15

May 1-September 15 : Students of any level of conceptual knowledge can start from this date.

May 15- September 15 : Students having sound conceptual knowledge of the English Language and Maths, can easily cover up even if they start from May 15. 


Zoomers - SAT Lesson Plans


US Admission Process Overview
Orientation to SAT
Tricks and Techniques
Orientation to Course

Basic English and Learning Approaches
Before we begin the reading session
Demystifying Academics Writing
Writing Assignments

Dynamics of Academics Writing
Writing Technicalities

Introduction to SAT Reading
Vocabulary in Context
Introduction to Vocabularies

Inference Question Type
Evidence Based Questions
Concrete and Abstract 

Big Picture Summary
 Literal Comprehension
Rational Inference
 Functional Reading

Tone and Attitude
Rhetorical Strategies

Orientation to SAT Writing and Language
Parsing Sentences
Verb Agreement
Developing and Co-ordinating Ideas

Making Comparisons
Pronoun Agreement
Pronoun Case
Verb Aspects
Diction Redundancy
Verb Mood

Idiomatic Expressions
Summing up English


US Admission Process Overview
Orientation to SAT
Introduction to Problem Solving
Introduction to Maths as a Subject

Basic Mathematical Concepts (Integers, Numbers, Factors, LCM, GCD)
Primer Numbers, Ratio
Percentage, Sequence

Heart of Algebra:
Straight Line, Coordinate System, Solving Equations, System of Linear Equations

Linear Inequalities
Solving System of Linear Inequalities
Graphing Linear Inequalities
Compound Linear Inequalities

Polynomial Equations
Solving Polynomial Equations
Domain Range

Types of Functions
Graphing Functions
Polynomial Functions
Complex Numbers

Geometry ( Angle Vertex, Polygon)

Circle, Tangent Line
Solid Geometry, Trigonometry

Miscellaneous Identities
Pythagorean Identities

Unit Conversions
Statistical Graphs
Line of Best Fits

12 Reasons Why!

Why Study With Us?

Being vocal about any reasons to choose Zoomers to study SAT would be mere exaggerations; you should experience yourself!

Well-Versed Tutors

Our tutors are well versed with the curriculum of SAT. They are well equipped with every resources to students excel in their tests. 

Curriculum Square One

Our every curriculum starts from  very basic. Students with any conceptual level of knowledge can crack any tests whether SAT or IELTS/ TOEFL/PTE.

1400+ New Words

Vocabularies is the most important elements to score high in SAT. We have curated innovative ways to assimilate vocabularies. 

400+ New English Idioms

Students shall learn 400+ New English Idioms to bolster their Knowledge in English. 

Scholarships Opportunities

There are various merit-based and need-based scholarships to cater to every students. 

Rewards in Mock Tests

High achievers will be awarded with numerous rewards in every mock tests. 

Personal Essay Assessment

Personal Essay is the most important factors in the admission decision. We guide our students to draft their much needed personal essay. 

Internships Opportunities

US Education System values genuine co-curricular engagements outside the class. We will help students find such opportunities as per their interests. 

Rewards for Real Test

The fees paid by the students at the beginning of the course shall be reimbursed as per the scores in Real Tests. 

Career Choice Mentorship

We want to see our every students becoming a knowledge workers in 10 years down the lane. So, we help them find the major of their interest. 

College Selection Assistance

Students shall learn 400+ New English Idioms to bolster their Knowledge in English. 

Documentation Assistance

Sometimes college may ask for hefty documents which intimidate students. With Zoomers as a guidance counselor; take no worries!

Convinced enough?

Choosing to study at Zoomer will be one of the best decisions ever which is sure to be reverberated throughout your life! 
There are a lot of life changing moments, and being a Zoomer is one of them.

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Read out answers to the frequently asked questions about SAT from parents and students!

Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is a standardized test taken by College Board USA that measures the learning capability of students, an essential skills required to be able to graduate. The same paper tests all the students spread around the world. 


No. SAT is not important for you to get admitted in college. Even the ivy league college like Harvard has option to apply without submitting SAT score. 
But it is really necessary for you to be considered by your admission  officer.

You don’t necessarily need a SAT. But your application with a good academics and a sound SAT score will make you indispensable. 
Also, since your academic score in not standardized, means, it can be varied according to geographical reasons, teachers, institutions, and so many more; Your Academic Score has more dynamics to it which can raise a question about the credibility of the score. That’s why, it’s better you have a SAT Score. With test preparation centers like Zoomers, SAT is easier!

SAT is the measure of your readiness for college while IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE are the indicators of your English language. That is the fundamental difference between SAT and Language Tests. Language Tests are not optional in most of the colleges, however, SAT can be optional. 

Let us put this way. SAT is like the entrance exam which the university takes to check whether you are eligible to get an enrollment; whereas the tests like IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE are the tests that measure your English language proficiency. Score in your IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE only indicates that you are fluent with English language; it doesn’t indicate your intellectuality nor any aptitude. 
That’s why IELTS/ PTE/ TOEFL neither help in getting admission in a reputed university, nor a good amount of scholarship; you need a handsome SAT score which we can help you to earn it. 

Yes, the College Board has announced that SAT will go digital in international test centers starting this spring ( from March). However, it will take a year to get SAT online in the USA. 

It is a tough question actually; we will know the perfect answers of it after a year when we get to see and analyze the SAT score of our students. 
The SAT Test time is going to be shorter by almost an hour than its paper bases counterpart. Also, there will not be single passages of almost a thousand words. There will not be any passages rather the excerpt of the essays which will be of 150 words in maximum. Seeing this, the Reading Section seems to be relatively easier. 

Read more about the difference between existing SAT and the new Digital SAT here